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Story Edit

There is a fruit of legend, that once one bites into it, it will give the user the power of a god. Now in the modern day, several Dance teams and some other people have obtained devices called Lockseeds and uses them for competition. Now, the teams have found the Samurai Driver and will use them to battle together and each other. Who will grasp the Fruit of legend, and will they use it to save the world or take control of it.

Riders Edit

Kamen Rider Samurai Derek
Kamen Rider Noble Victor
Kamen Rider Drago Donny/Donatello Havensworth
Kamen Rider Crescent Moon Damien Havensworth
Kamen Rider Quantum Moon
Kamen Rider Nutcracker Will
Kamen Rider Titan Nick
Kamen Rider Spike Gustavo
Kamen Rider Knuckle Dillon
Kamen Rider Duke [[]]
Kamen Rider Viking Sid
Kamen Rider Maiden [[]]

Movie Riders Edit

Kamen Rider Lord Malus
Kamen Rider Dark Lord
Kamen Rider Titan G2 Pete
Kamen Rider Shining Lapis
Kamen Rider Dreigon Alfred
Kamen Rider Venger [[]]
Kamen Rider Messiah [[]]
Kamen Rider Shadow Noble Shawn

Characters Edit

  • Maya
  • DJ Forest
  • Pete
  • Amy

Monsters Edit

  • Inves

Stone Dragon Inves

Deer Inves

Bat Inves

Vampire Bat Inves

Bronze Dragon Inves

Mantis Inves

Metal Dragon Inves

Goat Inves

Lion Inves

Overlords Edit

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